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Our Focus ...True Results

While your brand reputation is important, it is equally as important to make sales. You need an organization that will perform for you. Not just in impressions or click through rates (CTR,) but real results. ROI – Return on Investment. Our focus is on true results. We can show you all day long how we help you in getting more traffic, but ultimately we want to bring you traffic that turns into customers.


Pay-Per-Click advertising. Done right, ppc can be a huge success. Done wrong, and it could be a huge waste of time and money. With us, you know exactly how your ppc dollars are being spent and the results will speak for themselves.


I can't tell you what the percentage is but we know from experience, most companies are doing their SEO wrong. In fact, they are doing worse than wrong! It really is sad to see but thankfully, we know exactly how to turn things around.

Web Development

The backbone of your digital marketing efforts begins here! We offer custom and templated, SEO ready websites. Once complete, you'll have a solid foundation and be ready to begin or extend your PPC campaigns and/or SEO efforts.

Digital Marketing Services by Four Chord

When it comes to digital marketing for your business, we have the experience and a track record to help you achieve success. In fact, unlike many of our competitors, we're especially motivated to help you succeed. That's because, if you do well, so do we.

One of the most common complaints we hear from business owners has to do with transparency. They don't have a clear understanding of how their ad budget is being managed. Why? Because most marketing agencies don't want you to know. That's why we offer full transparency and our clients see the full picture. They can easily see where and how every dollar is being spent along with the corresponding results.

Four Chord Digital Services

Digital Marketing... The Buzzwords

I’m sure by now you have heard all the acronyms and buzzwords used by many digital marketers trying to earn your business:

Buzzwords Begin

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Retargeting
  • Programmatic Ad Buys
  • ROI
  • SMM
  • Algorithms
  • Profitability
  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • A/B Testing

— Tired yet (lol)

  • Functionality
  • Targeting Engine
  • Segmentation
  • Ranking
  • Cross Channel Integration
  • Intent Targeting
  • Fatigue Adjustment
  • Contextual Targeting
  • Native Advertising
  • Attribution Framework and Reporting
  • Actionable Recommendations and Implementation

Four Chord's 4 P's

While we provide all those aforementioned services and more, we try to keep things simple. The basics of all marketing start with the 4 p’s.

  1. Product (or Service)
  2. Place
  3. Price
  4. Promotion

We focus on these principles first and build out successful marketing campaigns around these fundamentals.

Your Website... Your HUB

It doesn't matter what type of digital marketing you are focused on, your company website is your primary hub. It represents your brand, explains who you are, what you do, where you are located and how you can be contacted.

Your website MUST be fast, sleek, look great on all devices and be fully optimized. Then, it's critical your site is always up to date, secure and backed up on a regular basis.

We provide website development services that include all these things, and more. Contact us for more information or to get started.

Four Chord Web Development Service