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We offer premium custom website design and development providing your business with the solid foundation needed to establish & maintain a successful online presence. Your site will be FAST, SLEEK and SEO ready! Then, the sky is the limit!

Website Development by Four Chord

Certainly, having an attractive, easy to navigate website is terrific, but it does not matter if you cannot convert visitors to viable leads. The truth is, you'll need your website to be more than just a pretty picture.

Thankfully, we can help! Our extensive background and experience with digital marketing has enabled us to develop websites that actually help build and scale any business!

We know how hard it can be to attract visitors to any website and it's crucial those visitors stay long enough to see how your products or services can be of benefit. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with a new website.

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Give Visitors What They Want

User Intent

When visitors click through to your website, it’s critical they land on a page quickly, then see the content they expected. The content they view should match the content you want them to see. The content presented must feel friendly enough for them to stay.

These are things most web designers or developers miss. Sure, a talented designer will make your pages beautiful, and a clever developer will make sure the functionality is spot on, but neither of them are really focused on the wants and needs of your visitors. Thankfully, we've got you covered.

Page Speed

User Experience

In order to turn visitors into leads, consider the following.

  • Page load speed matters. Our approach to web development is focused on optimized page load times.
  • Once the page is loaded, we provide the visitor with the exact content they expected.
  • What's next. We must think through what visitor is asking themselves after viewing the content, then serve it up.
  • Thinking through the user experience, step by step, is the way to turn visitors into clients. Give them answers to their questions, before they even knew they had a question.
Website Page Speed Matters
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Visitors to Leads

If a visitor has stayed on your page long enough to consume the intended content, it's time for a gentle nudge.

Perhaps it's a link to similar content or ask if they would like to be notified of future posts. 

The goal is to convert visitors to leads. The strategies outlined above result in a better chance of accomplishing that goal.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you with a new website, capable of converting. 

View Our Website Templates

See below a sampling of our pre developed website templates. Of course, we have more templates so please contact us and don't be afraid to ask. If not, we can often adapt one of our templates to work for your business or industry.

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